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New Year, new challenge!

Let's not get over our heads, we all know that New Year's resolutions are not always followed through the entire year, but they are a good reset button to attack those new, shiny good habits!

But, let's take one challenge at a time. How do we go about fighting those cravings? And, I am so counting me in on this. After endulging is too much lovely home-cooked meals and ton of chocolates I got given (why??????), I too need to reset my mindset and re-teach my body to not crave the sugar.

So, let's do this together. I got you! - And you got me!

Why do we crave?

If can be due to our energy levels dropping caused by a long day of working, stress or even sadness. The easiet seems to grab something sweet and boost these levels again.

Tipps to fight cravings

  1. When the craving overcomes you - stop for a moment and just breathe. Understand why you are craving and decide here and now, in the present, whether you want to give in. With time and practice, you may be able to stop, breathe, and decide to not give into temptation. At the same time, stopping and assessing the situation is a good mindfulnes exercise!

  2. Make yourself a nice cup of tea! Yes, sometimes, we misunderstand our cravings for lack of hydration. With a nice herbal tea, such as peppermint or fennel, we can teach our body - This is what you get, when you crave sweet or salty! -

  3. Cravings can be a sign of needing a reward as well. So, how about rewarding yourself with a day in the Spa, a nice massage, a coffee chat with your best friend. When you feel cranky, you want to compensate this feeling with a reward, as psychologists have deciphered.

  4. And, last but not least, stay fuelled and full with nutritious food throughout the day. Eat complex carbohydrates, eat 5 meals a day, do a meal prep and eat slowly, enjoying each bite! Include good sources of protein that make you stay full for longer and make you crave less!

Take control, be in charge of your nutrient decisions and together we will beat the winter, holiday-induced, sugar cravings.

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