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As in many areas of life it is important to work on your goals. The first step is writing them down, if goals are not written down they are only wishes.

Make your goals smart

Your personal trainer will help you to discover your goals, and to break them down into achievable parts with their specific time frame and above all, in a measurable way.

It is something very different to say, "I want to lose weight." than to say "My goal is to lose 7 kilos in 10 weeks, starting from 1.12.2021"

Specific - to the needs of the individual goal
Measurable - clear progress and direction
Agreed - discussed and shared
Realistic - achievable to maintain motivation
Timed - a target that gives a milestone

Turn your wish into a goal and stay motivated

There will come a time that you may feel deflated or your progress stagnates. Don't worry, this is natural, but your personal trainer will help you stay focused, enganged and above all motivated!

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