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10 Fitness Skills That CrossFit Improves

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning system of overall physical conditioning that combines exercises from different disciplines, in an intense and continuous manner, to achieve a wide range of improvements.

Battle Ropes

CrossFit, a training method created a little more than two decades ago by the Californian trainer Greg Glassman, aims to improve overall fitness. This approach improves up to ten different physical conditions through variable workouts, guided by an expert trainer. In the boxes, as the CrossFit training area is called, various high-intensity functional movements are performed based on exercises from different disciplines such as weightlifting, athletics and gymnastics. All of them work on strength and muscle toning, which will increase your muscles' functionality.

Check out the physical capacities that you can improve with CrossFit.

1. Cardio-respiratory endurance

With high intensity, you can increase your heart rate and learn to control your breathing. However, before starting such a programme, make sure you are good cardiovascular health.

2. Speed

The more Crossfit sessions you do, the faster you will perform the exercises and the quicker you will walk and run.

3. Muscular endurance

Your body will store energy and build muscle as you work the muscles in your arms, legs, back, abdomen and chest, primarily through aerobic exercise.

4. Coordination

Crossfit can help you combine patterns in a set amount of time.

5. Strength

Your body will have more capacity to generate power in one muscle unit or several muscle units combined. This well-applied strength reduces the risk of injury.

6. Agility

You will take less and less time to perform one exercise or another. You will have more agility, reflected in your daily movements.

7. Flexibility

Those who have practised rhythmic gymnastics since childhood, for example, have developed flexibility, i.e. the ability to maximise the range of movement of a joint. If this is not your case, Crossfit can help you gradually extend your joints' range of motion.

8. Balance

Controlling the exercises in the boxes will help you balance your life. You will be able to ensure your body balance, whether you are jumping on a box or climbing steps quickly.

9. Power

CrossFit is not only about strength. It is also about applying it in the shortest possible time, i.e. adding more power.

10. Precision

Do you think you're clumsy? Do you bump into the corners of tables? Crossfit helps you to better control your movements and their intensity.

A variety of exercises

To develop all these physical capacities, performing a wide range of exercises, not just the classic push-ups or squats, will be necessary. Here are some examples.


This consists of squats while lifting weights with your arms fully stretched out.

Kettlebell swing

Wallball shot


Battle ropes



Example Session

  • Warm-up. The first 10 minutes are for a general workout and later more specific to fasten the heart rate and avoid lesions.

  • Technique and strength. The following 15 minutes can be all about technical exercises to improve the movements and/or power. It all depends on the goal of the session.

  • High-Intensity. The leading 25 minutes are focused on high-intensity exercises. They are short and fast.

  • Stretching. The last 10 minutes are the return to calmness.

I hope you have enjoyed this piece of information and if you would like to know more about overall fitness and how you can achieve your health goals, send me a message!

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